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21 Feb 2011

WE John Dickinson Trailer

© richard collingridge 2008-12

I did a Book Cover a while back called 'Trash' by Andy Mulligan, and a while later noticed that someone in-house at RHCB had done a trailer for it...and i thought i could do that...So, I decided to put together a trailer for another cover i had done called 'WE' by John Dickinson. I chose this particular cover because it was a kind of suspense sci - fi and i only had a few days free to work on it and therefore couldn't produce a lot of different animation work, instead had to rely on sound design and text, with the money shot coming at the end!
p.s. sorry, for some reason the video is cut off on the right hand side...


©richard collingridge 2011

I was inspired to do this speedpaint after i read an article on sky news about an old lady who foiled a jewel robbery, by beating the robbers (who had motor cycle helmets on to cover their faces) with her ham-bag, she even managed to knock one off his bike while he was trying to escape.
It stated as a little doodle, while writing something else...and then i thought i'd quickly paint it digitally..probably in about 15 mins...then decided to add the thief towards the back, with an idea of dropping them into a street scene...couldn't be bothered in the end as the perspective i needed to show the thief from would have have meant the 'supergranny' was out of perspective...which, i think is less apparent with nothing in the background.

link to the article (couldn't find the link to the sky news article):



© copyright added-dimension 2011

Above is a character design I did for Added-Dimension. They wanted a kind of disney look, so i went away and did a few concepts, and we refined them down to the finished character at the top pretty quickly. Was quite fun to work on this, as it was quite refreshing to work in a more 'cartoony' style as opposed my usual more realistic (and more time consuming style) style.

added- dimension sell electronic hardware, with special features such as 'spec checker' and 'E-val-U', for more information click on the link to navigate to their site: