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1 Feb 2013

The Last Minute by Eleanor Updale

© richard collingridge 2008-13

Here is the Cover Art for Eleanor Updales, 'The Last Minute'. 
The idea behind this story is one of impending disaster. 
The chapters are very cleverly arranged as a count down, starting at 60 and going down to 0.
The story gives you a glimpse into a selected bunch of the townsfolk in the last 60 seconds before they meet their ends. 
Its apparent from the off set that something bad is going to happen so you find your self acting as a detective as you read through trying to gather evidence and find out who will be responsible for tragedy.

Here is a review by Philip Ardagh in the Guardian:

And further reading on how to illustrate tragedy by me, for the David Fickling Books Storyblog:

Secret Breakers 3: Knights of Neustria Artwork Reveal

© richard collingridge 2008-13

Here is my artwork for the up and coming 3rd instalment to the new Secret Breakers series by HL Dennis - Knights of Neustria.
Have been sitting on this for a while, Just seen the cover up on guess I can post it now :)
Am working fourth instalment now!

The Secret Breakers Official website is located here:

Buy At Amazon from here: link