©richard collingridge 2011

I was inspired to do this speedpaint after i read an article on sky news about an old lady who foiled a jewel robbery, by beating the robbers (who had motor cycle helmets on to cover their faces) with her ham-bag, she even managed to knock one off his bike while he was trying to escape.
It stated as a little doodle, while writing something else...and then i thought i'd quickly paint it digitally..probably in about 15 mins...then decided to add the thief towards the back, with an idea of dropping them into a street scene...couldn't be bothered in the end as the perspective i needed to show the thief from would have have meant the 'supergranny' was out of perspective...which, i think is less apparent with nothing in the background.

link to the article (couldn't find the link to the sky news article):



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