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15 Jun 2011

Sky Beast

© richard collingridge 2008-2012
Very early Concepts for an idea i have.

10 Jun 2011


© richard collingridge 2008-12

This the main human character for a story im working on called 'The Legend of the Firebirds', which is a story of a boy and his pet growing up together in a heavily fantasy/sci-fi world. My idea is that the story will be split into around 3-4 parts, I have written a first draft out for the first part. Its called 'Jack and Russell'. The image above is is of Jack, but as a slightly older boy/teenager than he is in the first part of the story!
The image is still a work in progress at the moment, but i want to go for a kind of nostalgic 1940s-1950's illustration style, like the way the americans used to paint pictures of woman on their bombers during the second world war. feedback would be great ;)
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9 Jun 2011


© richard collingridge 2011

This is an image I have just completed for the Great Ormond street charity GOSH. The idea was to go round to different schools in london and to get kids to produce an image by folding up the page into four parts and one kid doing the top part and one kid doing the next part and so on and so forth. In all there were 33 complete drawings so times that by 4 and you have the amount of kids that took part. After all of these images were done, illustrators were/are being bought in to do their take on the images. So the illustration above is my take on one of the images. I decided to go more cartoony as opposed to my usual epic style of drawing as i thought it was better suited, and i think it has turned out quite well!
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