WE John Dickinson Trailer

© richard collingridge 2008-12

I did a Book Cover a while back called 'Trash' by Andy Mulligan, and a while later noticed that someone in-house at RHCB had done a trailer for it...and i thought i could do that...So, I decided to put together a trailer for another cover i had done called 'WE' by John Dickinson. I chose this particular cover because it was a kind of suspense sci - fi and i only had a few days free to work on it and therefore couldn't produce a lot of different animation work, instead had to rely on sound design and text, with the money shot coming at the end!
p.s. sorry, for some reason the video is cut off on the right hand side...


  1. I clicked on "cool" and "interesting" -- with good reason.

  2. Cheers Peadar, glad you thought so...you should get them to do a trailer for the deserter...but make sure they dont make it crap and cheesy...


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