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28 Aug 2014

Catacomb City 1 & 2 by Hilary Wagner, publisher Albin Michel

Haven't had a chance to post in a while so here are a couple of posts:

Above is the Artwork for Hilary Wagners 'Catacomb City 1 & 2 publishing by Albin Michel (in France).
Was quite cool to do the artwork in circular vignettes as haven't done that before and also cool to draw rats!

Plot synopsis:

Deep beneath a modern metropolis lies the Catacombs, a kingdom of remarkable rats of superior intellect. Following the Bloody Coup, the once peaceful democracy has become a dictatorship, ruled by decadent High Minister Killdeer and his vicious henchman Billycan, a former lab rat with a fondness for butchery. 

Three young orphan rats--brothers Vincent and Victor and a clever female named Clover--join forces with Billycan's archenemy, Juniper, and his maverick band of rebel rats as they plot to overthrow their oppressors and create a new city--Nightshade City. This impossible-to-put-down fantasy explores timeless themes of freedom, forgiveness, the bonds of family, and the power of love.

They don't have a publisher in England (as far as I know), but if you can speak french you can pick up the first one from here and the second one from here.

Shadow of the Wolf by Tim Hall published David Fickling Books

© richard collingridge 2008-14
The goal of this cover was to get something iconic, and in the end there wasn't even a title on the cover, just a shout line. Quite Risky! but could end up standing out because of it.

The Book is called Shadow of the Wolf, its by debut Author Tim Hall, is a launch title for the newly independent David Fickling Books & its absolutely amazing!

It's a re-take on the Robin Hood Legend, incorporating the kind of spirit found in the studio Ghibli film 'Princess Mononoke'. I wont do a review as you should just read it...

Here's a cool (kind of review without giving anything away by Artist & illustrator Jackie Morris):

You can also pick it up from here

Really cool book.