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31 May 2013

The Boy With Two Heads by Andy Mulligan

© richard collingridge 2008-13

Above is the cover art I've done for (award winning & best selling author) Andy Mulligans new novel: The Boy With Two Heads published by David Fickling Books. 

Enjoyed designing and going through the whole process with this cover, as its not how I generally illustrate book covers, but we all felt the original concept was strong and DFB were happy to take the risk. I think the final artwork (while not quite as aesthetically pleasing as the artwork I did a while back for Keras) is very striking, which in turn should help it fly off shelves across the country!

I was especially pleased with the font, which co-incidentally was my favourite bit of the last cover I did for Andy Mulligan (Trash). Below is another idea I had for the cover which I thought was quite cool, Has narrative links to the story)

© richard collingridge 2008-13

Anyway, quickly back to the story. The Boy With Two Heads by Andy Mulligan (Author of award winning, and soon to be blockbuster movie Trash) Is about a boy called Richard (cool name ;) ), who sprouts a second head from his shoulders. The story continues in a quite dark, sometimes humorous way some bits quite hard to take while Richards two heads are vying for philosophical control, then turns into something quite uplifting (literally)... I was humming the theme tune to ET at the climax of this book!

The book is released next week, and should be in most book shops. You can pre-order it from amazon uk if you want??

29 May 2013

When It Snows Shortlisted for the V&A illustration awards!

Just Found out that I have been Shortlisted for the  V&A best illustrated book award (2013) for my work on When it Snows!

The shortlist is as follows:

I'll upload photos of the night after the ceremony next week!

© richard collingridge 2008-13