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The Color Canvas - DOWN animation

(Establishing shot, from the animation DOWN by The Color Canvas - all artwork/animation © richard collingridge)
Hi All, after a couple of years break from blogger, I decided perhaps it was a good idea to start using it again because I'd like to start showing more work which fits a little bit outside my standard illustration stuff, and more into creative direction/animation etc. hope you enjoy.
I've been looking forward to putting this out for a while now. I was asked to do a 4 minute music video for a band, I'd previously done album artwork for this band (called 'The Color Canvas'). The goal was to create something that looked as close to studio quality as possible with minimal man power (i.e. only me) & in the minimal amount of time. Normally an animated video of this length would be around 3 months work for a studio, where you may have around 10 people working on the project at once. I didn't have that luxury, so had to look at ways around this issue. 

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