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14 Jan 2011

a quick attempt at photo realism

©richard collingridge 2011

A first attempt at photorealism done in about a day....pretty easy really, could have got it absolutely perfect if i spent more time on it...but whats the point of doing something absolutely perfect/real unless it is something that couldn't possibly be real....otherwise just take a photo...

Sorry, has been about 1 million years since i posted anything....mainly because i have a lot of new work and wanted to wait for my new website to go up, as that hasn't been updated in a year either! it is built (in photoshop), but as i can only use flash atm have asked someone else to do it for me in html....and you know what they say about getting someone else to do your dirty work...if you dont basically what i am saying is that they are taking AGES, hurry up!...anyway...hopefully up soon as have a lot of new images to show...