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16 Mar 2009

New Website

My new Website:

I put my first website at about this time last year. I had never done anything in flash before and was on a tight schedule to get it done. At the time i was very pleased with myself, but over time it has become clear to me that it was too small to display my images the way i would like them to be seen and it didn't have much room for expansion.
So with this website i have expanded its size, added a few bells and whistles to make it more user friendly and generally just cleaned it up.
There are still a few glitches (such as if you click on a thumbnail or any button for that matter twice, it will take you to the next image or page), but hopefully i will be able to iron them out before too long.
Also i haven't been able to put much new work up, as some of it has not been published yet!
But hopefully you should enjoy it!

Concept Characters

To co-inside with the launch of my new website, i have created a new category called 'concept art', which in not actually the fore mentioned but character designs i have been working on in my spare time. 'Space Boy' (hadn't thought of a good name for him yet) is the newest.