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11 Oct 2012

When it Snows by Richard Collingridge!

My first picture book 'When it Snows' was released last week!
It's a Christmas book about a boy and his teddy who go on a journey where they meet giant snowmen, elves, fairies, a snow queen and a very special type of reindeer ...

You can pick up a copy from here: amazon
The official page:
Facebook Page: 

I made a trailer for the release of the book (above), hope you like!
I first thought of When it Snows around 4 years ago while thinking of an idea for christmas cards. After working on it on and off, it was given the go ahead in june 2011. I started working on it  around september time and we finished late January this year. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my publisher, David Fickling, my editor Alice Corrie, my designer Ness Wood and the person who made me decide to write a childrens book in the first place, Françoise Taquet.

The book is being published by David Fickling books in the UK and commonwealth (2012 out now!), Feiwel and Friends in the US and Albin Michel in France (both in 2013).

©richard collingridge 2008-12

7 Oct 2012

Captain Nemo ink!

©richard collingridge 2008-12

I have recently moved from france back to England, and while Rummaging through my old artwork, I found some preliminary inks I did for a book called 'Mission Telemark' (Walker Books). Most of these were used in the final book, But some weren't - This one wasn't...But I really liked it so thought I'd post it.