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30 Jun 2012

Keras by Simon Rae

all images © Richard Collingridge 2008-12

Above is my Artwork for a book called 'Keras' by Simon Rae for DFB.

its about a Unicorn (not giving away too much I hope!) - and has red (which work really well btw)  end pages....

This book is aimed at a younger fantasy audience so I had to get rid of the romantic feel (which the cover had at some point) and replace it with a magical feel.
I added the twisted trees, (which originated in When it Snows) and streaming light..but it was eventually solved by adding butterflies around the unicorn, which seems quite a small thing but made all the difference.

for a more in-depth look at this cover, and my approach to cover design in general, please follow this link

You can buy it from Amazon here, follow the link

Secret Breakers 2: Orphan of the Flames

Here is the cover artwork to Secret Breakers 2: Orphan of the Flames by HL Dennis.
This is the sequel Secret Breakers: The Power of Three and is due for release this October, and you can pick it up here.
Also, the author has a website here (updated a lot from my last posting).

all artwork © richard collingridge 2012