Mission Telemark by Amanda Mitchison released in march!

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I am finally able to put up some of my images that i did on Mission Telemark. Having just received a copy i can honestly say that it is one of the most beautiful books that i have ever seen.
The images here are just a small selection of about fifty - sixty Ink and pencil drawings that i have contributed to this book! (i didn't do the cover art)
What i really liked on this book were all of the mini pop -ups and pull outs that are laced throughout, with period maps, instructions on gestapo interrogation techniques, facts about bears and all sorts of information and techniques on how to survive in freezing conditions!

The Author Amanda Mitchison has just put her website up, which gives some interesting insights about herself, the book and other projects she has worked on: http://amandamitchison.com/

I posted a mini review for this book a few months back: mission telemark review

also you can buy it and look at what other people have had to say about it on amazon : amazon


  1. i really love this book it got me thinking and i just couldnt put it down! i would highly recomend it to anyone who loves to read!


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