Mission Telemark by Amanda Mitchison

Mission Telemark by Amanda Mitchison, published by Walker Books and illustrated by Richard Collingridge (me! Although i didn't illustrate the cover) is coming to book shelves on the 1st of February 2010.
Mission Telemark is the debut novel of Amanda Mitchison and also the first professional job I worked on (with the exception of a calendar job i did a couple of years back, but lets not talk about that.). It is based on a true story in World War 2 about Norwegian saboteurs working for the allies attempting to destroy a heavy water facility that is controlled by the Nazi’s (who are occupying Norway) and are using the facility to help develop their nuclear
weapons program. Probably the most famous rendition of this tale is the film ‘Heroes of The Telemark’ starring Kirk Douglas. Its shown every year around christmas time for those who don’t know. Mitchison’s version takes all of the original elements along with a lot of little interesting details, but changes the Norwegian saboteurs into a quartet of highly skilled/specialised teenagers and uses their age and size as a means to pass various chalenges
that the book presents that maybe an adult wouldn’t be able to pass. This, (for me) gives it the sort of flavour of a ‘Famous Five’ novel which should be very enjoyable to young teens and adults who are familiar with the film and the Enid Bylton books. My contribution to this book are the fifty or so pencil and ink interiors.


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