Mission Telemark Paperback

all images © richard collingridge 2008-13

Above is the cover, for the re-released or newly released Paperback of Mission Telemark by Amanda Mitchison published by Walker Books.

The story is set in War torn europe during the second world war, and follows a group of 4 children trained by the british secret service to infiltrate a facility in Norway, which is being used by the Nazi's to develop their nuclear program. They have been chosen because of their particular skills and take on hard and cold journey across Norway's Hardanger, arriving at their destination to take on the Nazis and help save the Allies!!

This (the hardback) was the first book I worked on after I came out of university, so is good to see it come out again. The original had pencil sketches plus ink drawings (image below) from me, but the cover was done by someone else. It had always been a bit of a shame from my end that I didn't work on the original cover, so was great to be asked to the do the illustration for the paperback version!
And I'm really happy with how it came out in the end, especially happy with how it looks in the flesh, a matt finish with spot gloss on the font. The design was done by Jack Noel, you can check out his stuff here.

all images © richard collingridge 2008-13

You can pick up a copy from here.


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