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As we have recently moved back to England, and (unfortunately) are still not settled properly, Most of my stuff is still in boxes. 
Anyway, as I was looking through the boxes the other day I came across these (I didn't find what I was actually looking for incidentally!)

The first image is the cover to a short picture book ('The Iron Man')  I did when I was in university, not a great cover image, but the pencil textures and colours look great (i think anyway!)

The second image is the cover  to another short picture book I did at university called 'Dersu of the Arctic'. I love this as a cover, though there is a massive typo in 'illustrated', amateur mistake (I was to be fair)! 

The third is an interior illustration for 'Dersu of the Arctic'. Giant polar Bear, cool!

The forth image is a cover rough for a Simon Morden book I did in 2009 I think, I didnt get it in the end, but quite like this image so thought i would share!


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    1. Thanks Again :) Everytime I look at this old work I think about working using those techniques again!


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