Personalising presents

I usually find when getting presents for loved ones, that the more you spend the less effort you put into the packaging...this year was one where i spent a little less than usual. So instead just something really big and cool, i went for a few smaller (but still cool) things. Usually, when people personalise gifts they put them in a nice bag, or print out stuff to put on the front...I didn't have that option as my printer was busted! I had loads of old school packaging paper and gummed tape (which i used to use to stretch paper but when you work digitally you don't need it)...So i decided to do the packaging as if the items were from different places around the world and i gave them all individual stamps locations etc... as i didnt have a printer i had to hand draw everything, ended up being really fun, and i may start doing it for everyone i send presents to!


  1. I look forward to this novel way of receiving gifts from you.....


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