The Deserter by Peadar o Guilin

© richard collingridge 2011

Above is a cover i did a while back for 'The Deserter' by Peadar o Guilin.
The Deserter is the second book in the bone world trilogy (the first of which is called'The inferior') and is based around the journey of Stopmouth, a savage living on the surface of a ruined post-apocayptic planet being watched (in a kind of reality TV show that follows he and his tribes life and exploits) by civilised people who live on a 'roof' world that covers the surface of the planet(both literally and figuratively). I was watching the running man with Arnold Schwarzenegger the other day and it kind of reminded me of that, but on a much more epic scale (also I think subliminally it influenced me in my cover design - as the character is kind of running). Anyway, thats how the book starts... (I think this part of the story is covered more in the first book) Then , In search of his lover, our main character Stopmouth journey's to the roof world and meets a boy and an old woman who help and hinder him in his search for his lover as well as divulging chilling secrets to the origins of the world.
I loved this book, everything is explained well visually so i had good idea of how i wanted to visualise the cover and even other parts of the world which would have been cool if illustrated.

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