Trash/Roskaa (andy mulligan) Finnish edition cover

© richard collingridge 2011

Trash Finnish edition published by WSOY - Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö

As Trash has sold pretty well, (there are even making a film about it, with Richard Curtis doing the screenplay) it is being published 15 different different languages (or countries, not sure which one) and a couple of three of those have asked to use my artwork for the english edition as opposed to the american version (which is a desaturated green colour...). Anyway, the Finnish language edition publishers asked me if I could redo the Font in finnish.
The original font was drawn onto an A2 sheet of paper (to give it enough detail to stand up as cover font), which took quite a while. Since then i have started to adopt digital painting instead of working traditionally, so thought it would be a good idea doing it digitally. I managed to complete it in a fraction of the time the original took me and I think it actually looks better!

top image ® Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö

bottom image ® David Fickling Books


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