I have been attempting to build my website for a while, but because i decided to build it in html it has taken too long! so in the mean time i decided to make a showreel to show my new work. I wrote an article for the view from here magazine which explains in more detail:


  1. Jeebus, you didn't even make the magazine article link clickable.... ;D

  2. I really like the idea of an illustration showreel, and I think that the end sections of this showreel work really well (the enviroments and film/animation sections) but especially during the sketchbook phases I found the panning too invasive; you were zipping around the screen so quickly that I could barely see what I was looking at before it was gone. For instance in the grey mass of Trash cover thumbanails and doodles suddenly on stage right was a massive colourful granny, but I barely had time to register it before it was gone...I didnt have time to appreciate it.

    Maybe if you tried to show slightly less work, but for slightly longer...? The concept design of the winter suited man was really well conceived, with the sketches of the charater and his props developing into a fully rendered image, but again the sketches flew by so wuickly I couldnt really seen them, then there were several different pans and zooms on the characer himself so I couldnt let my eye find it's way around the image on it's own.

    The simple, slow pans and transitions on the later colour pieces worked much better IMO. I could see all the images clearly and in my own manner, but the pans and wipe transition things kept the showreel moving nicely.

    I liked it though, just trying to be useful to you xx

  3. cheers adam...think your right, but on the positive supposed to be more of a tease for people to go onto the site and look at all of the work properly..although the site not being up and ready is a bit of a problem! but will take your advice on board and see what i can do ... also have a different version with different music that goes better with the environment paintings. will post when i get time!

  4. Wow, thanks a lot, Richard!

  5. I'm going to go with what Adam said. Kidding- I don't have a clue what he's talking about! This is not my end of the art spectrum so all I can say is- Wow! When I first started my blog I loved everything I wrote. Now I look back and think- man, that sucked. But- whatever- its an evolution for me. One thing I do advise is that you look into ways to promote your blog early, it makes a huge difference in the number of followers you gain. I'm saying this because I wish I would have done the same- but much earlier!

  6. thanks 'Unusual Girl Studios', wish i knew how to promote my blog better...self-promotion is probably my main weakness. any tips would be great!


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