digital painted landscape

© richard collingridge 2010

***UPDATE***- added new version (top), hopefully better than before!
I have trying learn digital painting lately. Also wanted to improve my portfolio to be able to use in an attempt to get a job as a concept artist. I identified a few areas that i thought were missing in my current work and one of those was that my work is generally quite dark (colour scheme wise), so decided to produce something with a lot of light. The inspiration for the creature was from the giant tortoises in the new final fantasy game, although looking at the final image it reminds me a lot more of something out of star wars!
Also i didn't use a standard landscape composition, i composed it as if it was a rap-around for a book cover as im quite interested in trying have a portrait image within a landscape that doesn't look forced.
Have pretty much finished it now but not entirely happy, think something is missing so any feedback would be great!
Produced using painter then photoshop.


  1. I really like the colour scheme you have chosen, very sugary and light. Has a certain chill to it as well, I get the feeling it's a very cold and silent planet.

    I was intersted in what you said about the way you designed the composition to act more like a wrap-around dust jacket rather than a more traditional landscape. I never really do landscapes myself, what would you have done differently if it were more tradional landscape?

    I think you have rendered the scene to a very high level with a rich selection on textures. I just think that the angle you posed the creature in is a little flat. It makes sense in a way that he would be lumbering towards the spectator, but if you're thinking more about working towards concept art I think you may need to deliberately show more of your charater designs. Unless they're just lone figures dotted around an intricate landscape in order to give a sense of scale...?

    Nice work though Richard, I had a look at your main website too, ve-ry wriggly! ;)

  2. Cheers for the feedback adam.
    For landscapes, (when i do landscapes) there is usually direction from one side of the image to the other. an example would be a character on the left hand side of the the page looking at a city on the right. Which should make the viewer look from left to right, and in doing so scour the whole image. When you produce a wrap around landscape for a cover, you usually start by producing the cover which is portrait then build the rest of the cover around it. You do this because you want the viewer to only concentrate on the elements of the image that are on the cover, so if you had a character on your cover who was looking toward something that was on the other side of the landscape, you wouldn't see it on the cover, and the cover image wouldn't make any sense.
    But by doing this (having a cover image inserted into a landscape) it can look lop sided or detached from the rest of the image (look at the post below for trash). That is one of the other reasons the creature looks a bit flat on the landscape.
    Also my problems with it was that i had it coming straight towards the viewer but the foot print vier off to the right which makes it look a little bit wrong!
    Yeah i agree with you on the point about showing the characters more, and i wanted to do it as a landscape with a detailed character in it but as soon a i start to draw.....old habits return and it ends up looking like my other work :( (at least the colour scheme is different)
    Have got another couple of images to do concept art wise to hopefully fill the gaps in my portfolio, which should hopefully should cover some of the stuff you suggested!
    Cheers about the website, but i think im gonna have to redo it in html, as unless you have a decent internet connection it takes to long to load.
    hope that made sense!


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