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29 Nov 2012

When it Snows Under the Greenwood Tree

This past sunday, I (for the very first time) did a reading of my book When it Snows at a cosy book/coffee shop in clapham called 'Under the Greenwood Tree'. They also put up a window display plus a small display within the shop.

The pictures above are of the shop display, which I think turned out really cool - Especially a card board cut out of the main character. Also was really pleased with seeing multiple covers of When it Snows lined up together, When you can see the whole cover, It really does stand out against other covers, as opposed to usual picture book displays where you can only see a tiny bit of the left hand side of the book! 

As for the reading - Even though there aren't many words in the book, I had been anticipated it would be hard and it didn't disappoint! Though apparently it gets easier every time you do it & my publicist said I did well too!

The drawing workshop was fun! See the pic below..

I also signed & sketched on  a few copies that you can pick up if your ever in the area .

me signing copies

drawing workshop

signed & sketched copy

You can buy When It Snows from amazon here.

You can watch the Trailer to When it Snows here.

The official Facebook page is here.

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