Secret breakers: the Power of three

© richard collingridge 2012

As I havent posted anything for a long while on this blog thought id post the artwork i did for the cover of HL Dennis's 'Secret Breakers: The Power of Three' published by Hodder Childrens.
Since about september last year I've been working non-stop on my Christmas Book 'When it Snows', which was finished at the end of of Jan, and since then i've been working on a story for my next book as well as a few Covers. This particular cover was done right at the tale end of Jan, so didn't have much time at all to get it done.  Am now working at a more relaxed rate on the cover for the second of this series (think its all quite secret, hence the title 'Secret Breakers' so I wont reveal it). The series is being designed by James Fraser (designed the spooks covers, which are amazing btw)

The story is kind of a kids version of The Da Vinci code, which is going to be split into a six part series. and the author keeps a blog here if anyone is interested. 
Will try to post more stuff, but at the moment Im mostly writing and planning, so other than a few sketches which are up on my sketchbook blog I haven't really got much to put up here. Hopefully will be able to put stuff up about When it Snows as that comes closer to its release date. (see banner above) We've bought a domain name for it which i'll be producing a trailer for at some point soon!


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