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14 Nov 2013

The Phoenix Comic!

I have recently been working for the UK's best children's comic (imo), called 'The Phoenix'.
It is available in selected bookstores around the UK, you can subscribe AND it is also available for your iPad!
Some of its writers and illustrators include Neil Cameron, Sarah Mcintyre, Dave Shelton & Lorenzo Etherington and now Me …and many, many more (sorry not to mention)!

My part so far in the Phoenix has been to create a centre spread (every now and then) called the HUNTERS DESK, written by Tom Fickling.

The premise behind it is that we are the character of a Monster Hunter, who in each featured spread, is preparing to go and hunt rare and GIANT monsters!
You are given hints and clues into his life as well as his GIANT monster prey, which should help you piece together how he's going to hunt the creature, what gadgets he uses and his suspicions about the powers that be!

Hopefully, in the not so distant future, we should be able to bring the reader a comic strip of The Monster Hunter during his Hunts! Will keep you posted ;)

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